Training Courses


ITE provides approved commercial operator and crew training as well as hands-on practical training for on-water professionals and workers

ITE will provide training at the employer’s worksite or area. ITE will provide the specific training and skills needed by SAR/Spill Responders/Marine Enforcement/Environment Technicians/Tour Boat Operators/Water Instructure Workers and Commercial Fishery Workers. ITE instructors will train employees at the work site on the vessels they work from, 

ITE also maintains a small fleet of emergency response training vessels.


Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operator Proficiency

A 4 day (26 hour) classroom course that is the minimum training required by operators of commercial workboats and passenger vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels:

  • Up to 5 gross tons engaged on a Near Coastal Class 2 Voyages (25 nautical miles from shore) or a Sheltered Water Voyages (most inland lakes and rivers).
  • Fishing vessels up to 15 gross tons (12 meters overall length) engaged on a Near Coastal Class 2 Voyages (25 nautical miles from shore) or a Sheltered Waters Voyages.
⌛4 Days | 26 Hours


Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety

A one day (8 hours) classroom course for all crewmembers (including the operators) working on: 

  • Vessels up to 24 meters on Sheltered Water Voyages, 
  • Vessels up to 18 meters on a Voyage in Domestic Waters 
  • Fishing Vessels up to 24 meters on a Voyage in Domestic Waters 

This course replaced the MED A3 course in November 2021.

⌛1 Days | 8 Hours

“Hands On” courses & Modules

ITE also provides practical “on-water” training for operators and crew. ITE also provides specially designed modules for spill responders, SAR/Fire/Rescue/Enforcement, Oil sands mines, Government Agencies/Environmental/Biological Surveys, Commercial Fishers, Guides and Tour Boat Operators . 

  • Spill Response Equipment Deployment 
  • POB (Person OverBoard)
  • River Reading
  • Air Boat Operation
  • SAR searches


PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate) exam and/or classroom training for:

  • Motorized pleasure craft operators 
  • Operator and crew of small commercial vessels under 8 meters, workboats operating under 2 nautical miles from shore  
  • Passenger vessels under 8 meters and with up to 6 passengers on water bodies under 2 nautical mile across. 

The PCOC course does not contain the knowledge, procedures and equipment, OH&S requirements for commercial vessel crew and operators.



  • Usually a 2 day 14 hour course, the “Small Commercial Vessel Course” provides the PCOC plus the required knowledge and certification for the operation and crewing of commercial vessels under 8 meters operating under 2 nautical miles from shore.
  • This classroom course is designed to deal with the shortcoming of knowledge in the PCOC and SDV-BS courses in meeting the needs of employers, operators and crew on workboats
  • The syllabus/agenda provides the information required for operators and crew of small commercial vessels as well as the PCOC exam if required. 
  • The ITE course and certificate requires classroom attendance and the passing of an exam. 
  • This course is a good fit for spill responders, fire departments, SAR, provincial and federal government, as well as water survey and environment workers. 
  • Many companies and government agencies have their employees also take ITE on-water training to ensure they are compliant with the practical training required by OH & S and Federal Transport Canada Marine Safety expectations (operator and crew competency).
⌛2 Days | 14 Hours


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